Senior Care Services

Pinnacle Care is pleased to offer residents a full range of care services in a welcoming environment.

nurse assisting a senior patient
  • Short-Term Rehabilitation:  Regain independence and safety through personalized rehabilitation programs.
  • Long-Term Care:  Experience a nurturing environment that meets your daily needs and fosters social connections.
  • PT, OT, and ST Offered:  Access professional physical, occupational, and speech therapy services.
  • Secured Dementia Unit:  Ensuring a safe and supportive environment for individuals with dementia.
  • Comprehensive Individual-Centered Care Plans with a Multidisciplinary Approach:  Personalized care plans tailored to your unique needs and preferences.
  • IV Therapy:  Expert administration of intravenous treatments for your health needs.
  • Comprehensive Wound Care:  Advanced wound management to facilitate healing and recovery.
  • Respite Care:  Temporary care for individuals who need a short break from caregiving responsibilities.
  • Lab and X-Ray Services:  Convenient access to diagnostic testing within our facility.
  • Local Physicians on Staff:  Collaborate with experienced physicians who are readily available.
  • Psychology and Psychiatric Consults:  Mental health professionals providing valuable guidance and support.
  • Pain Management:  Tailored approaches to alleviate discomfort and enhance well-being.
  • Diabetic Care:  Specialized care for individuals managing diabetes.
  • Renal Dialysis Support:  Comprehensive assistance for renal dialysis patients.
  • Respiratory Services including Oxygen, BiPap, and CPap:  Support for respiratory needs, including oxygen therapy.
  • Ancillary Services:  Additional resources to complement your care journey such as Dental, Vision, Hearing, Podiatry, and a licensed Beautician.
  • 24/7 Nursing Care:  Receive round-the-clock attention from our dedicated nursing team.


Experience Optimal Recovery in our Short-Term Suites

Our short-term suites offer the perfect environment for focused rehabilitation, ensuring a safe transition back home. We prioritize your comfort and safety, providing amenities such as WiFi and in-suite flat screen TVs with cable.

Our expert rehab team offers a range of specialized services, including customized wheelchair seating, splinting, sensory processing, Virtual Rehabilitation (OmniVR), Omnicycle therapy, prosthesis training for amputations, and family training and education. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurances, and private pay options to accommodate your needs.

Long-term Care

Experience a Fulfilling Lifestyle with Personalized Support

Our long-term care services are designed for individuals who are unable to return home safely. Within our warm and inviting community, residents enjoy a daily routine that fosters camaraderie while their health and social needs are attentively addressed.

Furthermore, we provide a secure Dementia wing for those who require specialized care in a dedicated unit.

Secure Dementia Unit

Secured Memory Care Unit Specialized for Seniors with Dementia.

This locked unit ensures the safety of our residents while allowing our community to thrive while decreasing the risks of wandering.

Life enrichment staff offers daily socialization and activities catered to a variety of needs and interests throughout the entire day while supporting independence and positive interactions.

Quality memory care programs offer proven techniques to engage both body and mind to slow the cognitive decline by our specialty trained staff.

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